Lucky Charm Rabbit Cards

A collection of 8,888 Rabbit Cards in honor of the Lunar New Year! Each Rabbit is a wallet talisman to get lucky this year!

Keep in mind that Rare Rabbits are limited in supply, but don't have to be all minted. Therefore, the rarity of the Cards in a collection depends on the choice of all minters.

Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm Rabbit Cards

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  • Paper Rabbits
    Paper Rabbits

    Everyone has a piece of sky over their head.

    Price per 1:0.0028Ξ
    Total price:0.0028Ξ
  • Terracotta Rabbits
    Terracotta Rabbits

    Minted 0 of 888 Total

    The immortal Warrior has no fear.

    Price per 1:0.0088Ξ
    Total price:0.0088Ξ
  • Jade Rabbits
    Jade Rabbits

    Minted 0 of 88 Total

    Gold has a price, and Jade is priceless.

    Price per 1:0.0800Ξ
    Total price:0.0800Ξ
  • Emperor Rabbit
    Emperor Rabbit

    Minted 0 of 1 Total

    The dress of the Celestials has no seams.

    Price per 1:8.8000Ξ
    Total price:8.8000Ξ